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Dolly Brennan
Kayleigh Wiggins
Nicola Bowker
The pre school room is very much a play and learning environment that offers inspiring activities and provides children with opportunities to develop holistically together with their peers. We pay special attention to language and interaction, where children are actively encouraged to talk and express themselves in our language rich environment. All areas of learning are incorporated in every day activities, Social skills develop as children learn to take turns and share. In this context children will also learn what is right and what is wrong.

Pre-school is all about getting ready for school, developing independence, building on established friendships and making new friendships. Here your child will become excited about learning with areas created to stimulate their imagination and development. Here at First Steps we enhance our environment using "The Curiosity Approach" as we believe that to be a learner in anything, you need to be curious. A room full of experimental opportunities awaits your child, stories to tell and listen too, opportunities for early writing skills to master their pencil control and access to resources to develop numeracy to count, group, match and sort. Outdoors we offer exciting investigative areas, Mud kitchens, equipment to develop physical skills and a natural environment that sparks curiosity about the world around us.

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