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At First Steps we encourage all our children to develop and grow through a well balanced healthy diet. We offer daily nutritious food for all the children in our care; our menus are carefully planned with the emphasis on healthy eating.

We have a fully equipped kitchen inspected by Environmental Health Officers and rated a 4. Our lunches are prepared freshly every day by our kitchen team at Cansfield High, our  breakfast, mid-morning, and afternoon snacks are freshly prepared on site. We are able to meet any dietary requirements and we will at all times endeavour to cook meals the same for all children regardless of what their dietary needs are so they feel included and part of the group. 

Children are proactively encouraged to self serve their meals – with the help of staff when required.

Our menus change on a seasonal basis to reflect the fresh fruit and vegetables that are available. Water and milk are provided throughout the day as well as at meal times.

Children are welcomed into our nursery with smiles and cuddles and our breakfast time is a happy sociable time. As children arrive breakfast is served. Independence is encouraged and communication is rich.
Sample menu:
Breakfast - Choice of cereals. 
Mid-morning snack  -  Breadsticks, cucumber, sliced melon.
Lunch -        Fish pie, choice of seasonal vegetables & hollandaise sauce/steamed fish, (dairy free)
                      Fresh Fruit Salad

Tea -          Tomato & garlic pasta, grated cheese, sliced mixed peppers

                     Natural yoghurt with Mixed berries 

Children are encouraged and supported to serve themselves at meal times.
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